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To all SCIS students - ASP.NET MVC developer needed for Cambodia project

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To all SCIS students - ASP.NET MVC developer needed for Cambodia project
by kstauff - Monday, 8 January 2018, 6:51 PM MST
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I am currently in Cambodia volunteering with a couple of educational organizations as part of my Research and Study leave. One of the schools I am working with has a student information system, locally installed, that needs a few critical fixes. The original developers are no longer working on it, and the school is struggling to get any changes made. This is a very poor area of Cambodia and most people here are volunteering, so there is likely not going to be compensation available for this work. Dr. Vive Kumar has approved this as a COMP495/496 project. It is also ideal for someone who would like to volunteer for the experience.

It is based on ASP.NET MVC, using Visual Studio 2017, and running on a Windows 10 server. I will provide the code base, a database backup, a snapshot of the live content, and a full description of the problems to solve, including screen shots. I can act as a project intermediary, but the school director and the one IT person still supporting this will remain fully involved. We do need an experienced ASP.NET MVC developer with C# and SQL expertise. Experience with server administration/deployment on IIS would be an asset, but the Cambodian IT person will be installing this on the live server. Everyone involved speaks English. If you are interested,please respond with your resume and availability to Karen Stauffer

If you want more information about what I am doing here, please read my blog -